Many Ways to Wear

Tips and Tricks for Using the Anchor Charm Locker


If using a fabric for the first time, pierce it with a Charm in an inconspicuous place to determine if it will do any damage.  Silken fabrics should not be used as piercing it will make it run.

Check that the weave of the fabric is not so open that the Anchor or Charm will fall through.

When piercing a tough fabric for the first time, save your expensive jewelry. Use a stainless steel post to pierce through fabric as gold posts will bend.


To place in hair, create a braid about a half an inch in width. Braids should be tight before putting the post through them.

Once in place, ensure the earring cannot be easily pulled from the front or back. This would indicate your braid is not tight enough or is too thick.

To keep braids tight, we suggest using an elastic at both the top and bottom of the braid. Test elastics after binding braids to ensure they do not easily slide off.

If using a Float, you may want to use a spacer to secure the Charm and Float before putting through the braid and securing with the Anchor. This makes it easier to apply to the braid as well providing space between the Float and Anchor for a better look.

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