Golden Anchors with Mother-of-Pearl Flower Floats Starter Set


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These new jewelry adapters enable you to wear jewelry in your hair and on your clothes. Use your own earrings or the rhinestone charms provided in the set to get started.

Gold-plated and made to accent your earrings or charms rather than be the center of attention, these items are an exlusive product of Studlees.

Called “Charm Lockers” these components are made to work together in sets or alone with a single charm. There are limitless possibilities for their use but there is only a limited supply of this introductory set.

The primary patent-pending component is called “The Anchor”. It is a very simple disc shape that allows earrings to be anchored into hair and fabric. Use your existing earring collection or some of the earrings provided with this set to create new and unique designs. The effect is stunning, especially when larger gemstones studs are used to dot a hairstyle or neckline.

This Starter Set includes 4 Mother-of-Pearl Flower Floats, 4 Large Golden Anchors, and 4 Small golden Anchors with Rhinestone and Brass Ball Charms.

Acrylic white pearl end caps are included and allow even more design opportunities.

A black velvet scrunchie and some clear rubber elastics for practicing new looks in your hair. A storage tin and velvet bag are also included to keep the set together, as is a velvet ribbon and satin bag for keeping the Anchors shiny and scratch free. A Deco Guide is also provided to share tips for using Charm Lockers.

💎Anchor Savvy: The primary component called “The Anchor” is a very simple disc shape that attaches to existing earrings and provides for a stabilizing point for hair and clothes.

💎Float Above: The Mother-of-Pearl component called “The Float” is used as a platform for smaller charms and makes it appear to float on top of fabric or hair.

💎Simple-to-Use: Use one of your stud or drop earrings or one provided with the set, and then through a braid or a piece of fabric. Once through, put the post through the Anchor and choose one or several end caps to hold the piece in place, also provided with set.

💎Unique and reusable – New patent-pending components are used to provide anchor points for jewelry including earrings, charms and pendants. Use over and over again with different earrings and charms.

💎Precious Pins: Use a larger earring as a pin on scarves and hats. Use multiple earrings with Anchors on your collar or hat to create your own unique look.

💎Hair Jewelry: Use your sparkly gem earrings in braids, attached to ribbons or on scrunchies in your hair. Adorn your hairstyle for an event or wedding with different earrings and charms from your own collection.

💎Stunning and Original: The effect of using multiple earrings in hair and clothes is stunning, especially when larger gemstone studs are used to dot a hairstyle. Use one or many from a set to create your own looks.

💎Wear Anywhere – Have a single earring that used to have a mate? Now you can wear it anywhere! Endless possibilities.

💎Charm Lockers: The sparkling Golden Anchors can be used separately or together to secure jewelry to hair or clothes. The Flower Floats will enhance a smaller earring and keep them on top of hair.


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